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Shakespeare Schools festival at Curve Theatre

On Tuesday 14th November a group of year 10 students took part in the Shakespeare Schools festival at Curve Theatre, Leicester. Every year the Shakespeare Schools Foundation works with thousands of students from different communities across the country.

The student performers and technicians come from a range of backgrounds and schools types across the UK to create exciting performances of 400 year old plays written by William Shakespeare.

This year, seventeen year 10 students came together as actors, lighting designers and sound technicians to perform a modernised version of The Taming of the Shrew. In preparation for the live show, students were invited to take part in a workshop with SSF team, in which they were able to develop their performance skills by receiving feedback from professional theatre directors and also experience a technical rehearsal with professional lighting and sound designers from Curve.

The night of the performance was a huge success and the students received excellent feedback from the festival directors. Students were congratulated on their ‘great energy’ during the performance, ‘diverse and lively characters’ whilst ‘maintaining a professional attitude in performance’.

Some students commented on their experience of the festival:

‘Is was an excellent experience and we supported well each other throughout the process’ -Angel

‘It has made me realise the dedication it takes to perform in a live theatre’ -Alice

‘This experience has helped me to understand Shakespeare a little better’ -Annabelle

‘It was fun and has given me more confidence to perform and I hope I get to take part next year’ -Stephanie