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Catherine Barnard- Brexit Talk

Professor Catherine Barnard, Professor of European Union Law at the University of Cambridge, spoke to the Sixth Form about the impact of BREXIT on Friday 22nd September.

Henry Bee (Head Boy) and Conor O’Grady (Communications Officer) write:

“Brexit is important to you all; you’ll be paying for it until you die.” These were the powerful closing words of Professor Catherine Barnard when she visited the school on Friday morning.

Since that decisive day in June 2016, many questions have been asked about Brexit and its impact on the younger generations. The problem: very few people are clear of its impact; very few people are clear of the pure complexity that it offers today’s government.

Thankfully, Professor Barnard is one of the very few people who do have an idea. On the day of Theresa May’s “Florence Speech” on Brexit, arguably one of the most knowledgeable experts in the UK on how Britain will trigger Article 50, visited the school to provide students with a fantastic insight into how negotiations are going between the Government and Brussels.

Mrs Barnard, the author of several books, including “What About Law”, a book which aims to help students decide whether law is the right degree for them, was able to answer the questions that our enthusiastic and politically-minded students put to her on how Britain will leave the European Union before the cut-off of the 29th March 2019; informing students in a detailed manner on an issue that is extremely relevant in our society.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Professor Barnard for her time to inform students on an exceptionally busy day (evident to see when she appeared on national radio, just 10 minutes after her discussion in the auditorium), and wish her all the best in the future.