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Success in the Yorkshire Moors!

On Friday 30th June, Sixth Form students left civilisation entering the Yorkshire Dales for a Gold Duke of Edinburgh assessed expedition.

The four day trek began on the Saturday with a delicious cooked breakfast at a Youth Hostel in Kettlewell. Walking roughly 20km a day, the skills learnt over previous expeditions on Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh came into practice, such as map reading and camp craft. Throughout the journey, the compass became our best friend when walking through a Moor with no visible footpath! Both groups hiked up, what felt like mountains, carrying all their belongings in their backpacks. 

Apart from the downpour on the Saturday which our assessor called "Yorkshire Liquid Sunshine” the weather was surprisingly warm and sunny. Despite, the irritating flies which pestered us every campsite we ventured to, spirits were high throughout the expedition, especially on the 2nd July when we explored Gordale Scar.  Miss Spink sold us dreams claiming it mirrored Niagara Falls; she wasn’t completely wrong as the waterfall seemed magical. Not only was the waterfall stunning, the scenery elsewhere in the Yorkshire Dales was picturesque such as Malham Tarn. On Tuesday, we finished our expedition returning to Kettlewell, drained of energy, sunburnt and blistered but overwhelmed with a sense of pride after succeeding in the highest expedition possible in the Duke of Edinburgh programme.

Article written by Henry Bee.