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Year 8's Reading Rampage has come to a close

Year 8's Reading Rampage has come to a close.  Since March, students have been working their way through a shortlist of 20 titles to establish the city's most popular book.

The fifteen most rampant readers were chosen to accompany Mrs Sheehan and Mr Trzoska to a celebration event, mingling with 10 of the books' authors.  The winning book was 'Raven', by Tommy Donbavand - a popular choice, and the book enjoyed by students in Years 7, 8 and 9 on World Book Day.  

As part of the celebrations, each school was asked to nominate a student for a special award.  It was a difficult choice, but our award went to Joseph Higgitt.  Joseph read 12 of the shortlisted books - a total of 2,773 pages! His award was presented by Assistant City Mayor, Sarah Russell.  Joseph used his prize to purchase books from his favourite series - 'Lockwood & Co' by Jonathan Stroud - and generously donated them to the school library!


Our house competition was won by Campion and Sherwin but congratulations are due to the whole year group for participating in the challenge.

The Rampage books are still available to borrow from the school library, though can at last be borrowed by students in other year groups: they're flying off the shelves!