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Year 8 Reading Rampage

This year's Reading Rampage is well under way!  Students in Year 8 have been frantically borrowing books from this year's shortlist of 20 titles in a bid to decide on their favourite book.

The winning book will be announced at a celebration event at Leicester Tigers' ground, where a select group of our most rampant readers will have the chance to mingle with at least 10 of the shortlist's authors.

Since the challenge was launched on World Book Day (March), Year 8 students have read an amazing 73, 191 pages - that's an average of 381 pages per Year 8 student!

 *   If pages were miles, that would take them 3 times around the equator!
 *   If a person read a page a day, it would take them over 200 years to read that many!

To view this year's titles, click here.

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