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A Recipe for Kindness

This year’s Lent Services of Reconciliation, held last week in the Auditorium, ended with a dramatized reading of the poem: A Recipe for Kindness.

The performers are pictured below.

The thought provoking poem from the Loreto Sisters’ Prayer anthology tells us:

Chop up one grudge in tiny pieces,
Add several cups of Love,
Dredge with a large smile,
and mix the ingredients above.

Dissolve the hate within you,
By doing a very good deed,
Dash in some help for a friend,
If they should be in need.

Stir in laughter, love and kindness,
From the heart it has to come,
Mix with genuine forgiveness
And give your neighbour some.

The amount of people you can serve,
From the recipe above,
Is in the quality of its ingredients,
And unlimited amounts of love.

This recipe’s for the whole wide world,
For everyone to make,
Just get it all together,
And cook for God’s own sake!

Next week as we continue to journey through Lent, every student will have the opportunity to celebrate the Sacrament Of Reconciliation.

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