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Year 9 Poetry Project in collaboration with Curve Theatre

The poem Phrase Book by Jo Shapcott examines the fragmented nature of life and the impact of war upon human lives and also upon language. One of the key aims of the work undertaken by students was to reposition a piece of poetry, in order to lift it off the page and so embody it, using emotion and movement.

Students identified emotive words and phrases from the poem that they felt represented the key themes and events, using soundscaping activities. These words were then used to structure a narrative which could represent the ideas within the poem.

The group worked collaboratively, under the creative guidance of Michelle Vacciana, from Curve Theatre, Leicester, to understand the creative process for producing a piece of ensemble theatre, before finally working to produce a short film to be shown at Curve on Thursday 9th March.

The timescale for producing the film was a short one and the group worked co-operatively and imaginatively, under pressure, in order to succeed.