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Safer Internet Day 2017

“Be the change: Unite for a better internet” was the theme for this year’s Safer Internet Day. During the week, students in Years 7-9 have been looking at how they can make this possible by watching a sort film, presentation and activities related to images.

Students started the sessions by watching a video provided by SID2017 on “The Selfie Shack”.  This highlighted the use of images online and some of the possible reasons why people share images.  A presentation followed on “The Power of Image” before participating in 3 activities.  The activities related to  some of the different kinds of images used in social media and online i.e. emoji’s, memes and selfies.

A copy of the video, presentation with script and activities are below and on the eSafety tab from the main menu.

The Selfie Shack film
The Power of Image Presentation
Presentation Script
Student activities