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Kayleigh Haywood RIP

This week all students have had the opportunity to see the film Kayleigh's Love Story. This was made following the tragic murder of Kayleigh Haywood in Leicestershire last year and was produced by Leicestershire Police in conjunction with Kayleigh's parents.

The film and the discussion with police officers which followed told how Kayleigh was lured into a dangerous situation and of her subsequent murder. The presentation highlighted the dangers of on-line grooming and reminded students how to be safe when on-line.

Parents are asked to discuss the film with their children and to ask what they learned. If you would like further information about on-line safety, please go to our E-safety tab on this website. This section links to the CEOP website, where there is a Parent section and a Student section. It offers the opportunity to answer questions you may have and help lead conversations between parents and young people. If you have any concerns you can report these through the  CEOP report button or by contacting the Police. As a school we will continue, throughout the year, to reinforce key messages about all aspects of personal safety.