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Sini Mathew and Leicestershire's MP6 Competition

Sini Mathew has enjoyed a successful year in Public Speaking. Having helped her team secure second place in a national competition organised by the English Speaking Union, she delivered an outstanding speech on the sugar tax in the semi-final of Leicestershire's MP6 Competition (organised by Sera Shortland from Hamilton School.)

The final was held on the day we learned that Britain had voted to leave the European Union. This is significant: after delivering another excellent speech questioning whether we could still be proud of a Britain where campaigners on both sides of the EU Debate had misinformed the public, where intolerance of others has become acceptable and where employees at Sports Direct have been treated like battery hens, Sini answered three questions on current events. She was particularly impressive when justifying to Keith Vaz, MP, her view that David Cameron should not have stood down as Prime Minister. Mr Vaz tried to make her change her mind, but she politely reminded him that Mr Cameron had made a promise, on The Andrew Marr Show, that he would remain in charge even if the country voted for Brexit; eventually the MP admitted that Sini was right.

Standards in this year's final were exceptionally high, perhaps because the EU Debates had promoted discussions in many households. However, guest speaker Benjamin Zephaniah felt that Sini should have won because she was the only young person who communicated clearly without notes. Perhaps some of our leaders could take lessons from her!