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Mathematics and Cricket Masterclass

On Friday 20th May, 31 students from Years 8 and 9 took part in a Mathematics and Cricket Masterclass in collaboration with Leicester University and Leicester County Cricket.

The students had a wonderful opportunity to apply the Mathematics they had learnt in the classroom and appreciate its real-life application in the world of professional Cricket. The Mathematics Masterclass was led by Dr Clive Rix, a Mathematics lecturer who specialises in practical applications of Mathematics.

The students were given the opportunity to ask questions to University Undergraduates on what University life is like and any future opportunities they could explore.

The day also included a tour of Grace Road, the home of Leicester County Cricket Team, an opportunity to play a game of quick cricket, and time to meet professional players and coaches and how statistics plays an integral part in the game.

Alin Praveen, of year 8 said “This was a fantastic opportunity to see how the Maths we learn at school applies itself to Cricket. It was exciting to meet the players; many of whom had played at International Level”.

Brady Docherty, of year 9 commented “A great way to learn why Maths is so important in the world of sport. We have just completed averages in class, so to see the relevance of it in Cricket was great”.

The students were accompanied by Mr Handley (Mathematics) and Mr Nicholson (Physical Education). The cross curricular context of the day was a fantastic experience for all involved.